Our Company's Privacy Policy

1. Our Trainers

We value our esteemed trainers. Our trainers provide us with information about themselves and their careers. We appreciate their trust in us in providing these information. We will only use the information in a responsible manner with the aim of providing better service to our course participants.

Other than the course and career experience details submitted by the trainers for marketing and communication purposes, we do not provide our trainers' personal information to any organization or person without the trainers' permission. This is the assurance we give our trainers in our official privacy policy.

This privacy policy does not apply to companies that our trainers may approach to offer the same course. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of other companies and we are not in a position to control the use or misuse of information by other parties through their websites, blogs, newsletters, emails, social media websites and other modes of communication.

2. Our Programe Participants

Apart from our trainers, we also fully respect the privacy of information submitted to us by our programme participants. Our company policy strictly forbids us from divulging the personal data of our programme participants, such as names, contact phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, company information and job titles, to any organization or person. Our company fully abides by the Singapore laws laid out in the Spam Control Act and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

We will only send emails to individuals who have voluntarily subscribed and supplied their personal data to us in response to our company's programme offerings. In this connection, should any subscriber desires not to receive anymore emails from us or wishes to withdraw his/her consent to our collection or use of their personal data, we provide the option for them to unsubscribe. Our emails always carry an unsubscribe button and we will delete all information of the subscriber from our database when the subscriber informs us.

Lastly, we reserve the right to amend the terms of our privacy policy in ways that we deem in the best interest to protect our company, our staff, our trainers and our programme participants.