Learn How To Make Memorable Videos


This programme can be packaged as:

1. A half day programme

2. A full-day programme

3. A two-day advanced programme

Partcipants need not have any knowledge or previous experience in video production.

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• Programme: How to make memorable videos
• Trainer: Kevin Wong
• Level: Beginner or Novices
• Age Group: 15 Years Old and Above
• Additional Note: Participants need to bring their own laptops with the software Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed for hands-on training. A FREE trial version of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC can be downloaded from https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/premiere. This software should be downloaded to your notebook 2 days before the commencement of the course.
• Video materials and music clips will be provided for practice free of charge.
• Venue: Mandarin Hotel, Orchard Road or similar venues.
1. Business Owners, Professionals, Trainers, Public Speakers, Marketers, Sales Professionals, Corporate Communication Personnel, IT Professionals, Advertising Personnel, Entertainers, Teachers, Students, Retirees, and those who are interested in picking up a very useful skill for work, pleasure or self-empowerment.
2. Small Businesses, Multinational Companies, Government Agencies, Educational Institutes, Schools, Social and Sports Clubs and more..

BBA (Honours), NUS
Kevin Wong is a lecturer and trainer with more than 25 years of extensive working experience in government, statutory and commercial organizations. His experience is primarily in the field of corporate planning, advertising, marketing, and project planning and execution in the media, education and transportation industries.

Kevin is also proficient in website design, e-commerce, digital media tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier Pro CC and Adobe After Effects. Kevin is an enthusiast of IT and the Internet and owns several websites.

Kevin has taught a wide range of business courses including Fundamentals of Marketing, E-Marketing, International Marketing, Retailing, Business Marketing, Business Communication, International Business, Photoshop and Video Editing. Kevin has also conducted training seminars for government and private organizations in Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing for Non-marketing Personnel, Strategic Marketing Planning and Corporate Strategy Formulation. He has also provided consultancy services to government departments, trade associations and commercial businesses in various industries, and conducted market surveys and focus group discussions in market research projects.
Knowledge and skills you will learn:

1. How to produce amazing videos easily and quickly.
2. How to use and be proficient in the software to create a memorable video.
3. How special effects will dramatically make your videos more exciting.
4. How to use lovely background music to enhance the mood of your videos.
5. How to set up a free Youtube account to store, access, share and view your videos.
6. How to produce impressive videos for your business, employer, family & friends.
Customised Programme Package
This programme can customised for
a group of participants to learn
video editing skills
in a 1-day or 2-day programme.

Call us at: Tel: 92318468
for a quotation.
Corporate Retreat Activity
This programme can be offered
as a staff participation activity
during corporate retreats.
We offer this programme as a
fun and exciting half-day, 3-hour activity. Participants will learn
how to make simple videos.