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1. Is there a minimum or maximum duration for the contract?

The minimum duration for any contract is 3 months and the maximum is 6 months.

2. Can I request changes in the webpage contracted?

Only minor changes to the webpage are allowed such as re-linking the images to another page of your company's website or changing the telephone number on an image.

3. Can I put in my own images in place of the ones provided?

You can use your own images provided it is supplied to us in the specified dimensions. You need also to confirm in writing that you own the copyright to the images.

4. Can I suggest changes to the write-up on the webpage?

You can suggest changes but implementation is subject to approval. The reason is that any changes in the write-up could affect the ranking of the webpage adversely.

5. When do I notify you to renew the contract?

Renewal of contract is subject to new terms and conditions. We usually notify our clients by email at least 1 month before expiry of contract. The client must confirm intention of renewal by completing the new Agreement with full payment at least 2 weeks before the expiry date of the current contract.

6. Do I get refund for an early termination of the Agreement?

No request for refund whatsoever will be entertained and no refund for whatever amount will be given for early termination of the Agreement for whatever reason or reasons.




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