BlueDot Services Pte Ltd

ACRA Reg No: 201309726N


Contact phone: 92318468

Our Company

We are a Singapore Training Solutions provider. We offer a wide range of quality courses for organizations and individuals in various business, management, IT and other specialization areas to enhance organizational capabilities and individual skills and knowledge.

Our Mission

Organizations and employees understand that they have to be relevant and competitive in the world of business. The objective of training is to acquire skills, knowledge and expertise, and to keep abreast of developments in the marketplace in order to effectively respond to challenges. Our mission is to provide an avenue to everyone who desires to learn new skills, to keep updated with the latest market trends and developments, and to seek business opportunities.

Our Objective

We tap on the wealth of expertise, knowledge and experiences of professionals, business people and academics and offer them to our course participants. There is no better way to learn than from those who have gone through the gauntlet of the professional and business world, having acquired the acumen and savvy in decision making and tasted the fruits of success and failure. Our trainers bring with them their unique experiences. The repertoire of immersive learning that participants experience and the engaging interactions with course leaders are characteristics of our learning model that aims to enhance confidence and produce positive results.

Our Courses

Our courses are generally offered on a 1-day or 2-day basis targeted at corporate managers, executives, line supervisors, administrative personel, and all those who are interested to acquire specific skills and knowledge for self-advancement.

We also provide short customised courses, 3-hour sessions, for corporate customers. The broad and wide-ranging courses include general management skills, business communication, performance improvement and measurement, business marketing, consumer marketing, professional sales management, business buying behaviour, human resource management, creative problem solving, supervisory skills, business negotiation, IT skills, and creative courses such as Photoshop, photography, movie-making, and more.